Moving to another country, leaving behind your loved ones and an already established ‘bread providing system’ requires a great deal of courage. Even though most of the time, we leave in search of greener pastures because the standards of living back home may not favourable enough, our determination tends to leave us when we step foot in that country. At that time, atychiphobia or the fear of failure sets in and we become anxious about not meeting expectations especially from home.


When people emigrate to another country, they are removed from their networks, possessions and circles of influence. The sense of security that comes from living in your country of origin is replaced by uncertainty. In this new context, immigrants are forced to turn on their survival mode, operate with fewer resources and develop a high sense of alert and awareness, just like any survivor. iMiMatch transforms your fears to encouragements by connecting you to people who have already overcome their fears and met their expectations so you that can be inspired by their stories.


Consequently, your immigration experience gets better as the inspiration you get from eventually changes to motivation and then to success. You will never again feel incapacity in the achievement of your goals. iMiMatch will upgrade your standards of living right before your own eyes. Life will become a lot easier and your first days terror will gladly turn into joy.