Chinese ridesharing company Didi, just bought Brazilian ridesharing service, 99, as it looks to bring its business to the Americas. The imminent launch and arrival of RYDZZ is already causing panic and a stir amongst competitors as they are rushing to secure whatever advantages they can, before RYDZZ arrives. This should be sign enough that RYDZZ has something special and is going to revolutionise the ridesharing industry, and the competition has pi ked up on it. In a deal worth $1 billion, Didi will now have a foothold in Latin America, a relatively new market which is sure to be on RYDZZ’s before too long.


Moves are not only the Chinese to make, France’s BlablaCar also made major moves recently, but less on the ridesharing front as it seeks to diversify its services. RYDZZ is still a few details away from launch, but has already set the groundwork for what will be wildfire takeover of the ridesharing market, once it hits. Uber and Lyft are fine-tuning their services, distracted by multiple legal battles and are facing backlash from clients and even employees, all of which plays nicely into the hands of RYDZZ.


As the industry anticipated and continues to make major changes to prepare for new competition, so too are clients keeping a close eye on RYDZZ, eager to see what new services will come their way. Craving something new, many prospective subscribers are already clamouring for the mobile app, while hopeful drivers are checking their oil and doing final repairs, waiting for a confirmation call from the company. It is about to be a new day in the ridesharing world, and while all competitors can tell RYDZZ has something special to it, nobody is given up their share of the market without resistance, and will fight the company tooth and nail. 



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