Nothing drives progress, innovation, and success, more than competition… We’ll that is for most entrepreneurs. For business diehards, those looking to etch their names in history, and not victory, competition are just another element that plays to their advantage, because the true motivator is ambition. Ambition drives and rewards the brave, those who look from within for a challenge. That is why the success of RYDZZ and all the buzz around the startup which is about to hit the app-based ridesharing market, is not another projection, it is calculated fact (call it an educated guess).


To make it in the ridesharing business, Rydzz will have to go up against the likes of Uber and Lyft, two powerhouses that control a combined 97% of the ridesharing market in the US. Uber is proving to be the more ambitious of the juggernauts, already involved on other markets other than ridesharing and is even on course to test flying taxis in 2020. Uber Elevate, the super ambitious and hi-tech wing of the company, is charged with developing transportation for the future, and all ofvthis plays right into Rydzz’s hands. There is no other way to take out Goliath than aiming between the eyes, especially if you are a David like RYDZZ.


The plan is to beat Uber where they started out, and using the weapons they had. Ridesharing of tomorrow will belong to Rydzz, because people crave something new, fresh, and which is closer to their realities. With endless squabbles against the government, employees and even riders, Uber has pushed away the main cogs of its business, and though the company may claim indifference, the numbers that show Lyft’s growing popularity and the excitement surrounding Rydzz, are sure telling people otherwise. The upstart company is probably not going to match Uber financially when it ultimately rolls out to the public, but it’s ambition will more than make up for it. 


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