As 2020 approaches, politics and the electoral season takes central stage once again, as candidates begin to lay the foundation for what promises to be a nail-biting campaign and round 46 of the US presidential election. RYDZZ, on the other hand, is looking forward to its launch date and becoming a player in the ridesharing scene. For many people, it comes down to picking the side that gives you the best chance in this land of the brave, and that is the same even for business owners and entrepreneurs. However, in the US today, Uber is taking that choice from many Americans, Influencing their takes and shifting the balance of power in the background.


Uber’s consistent unpopular policies that deprive drivers of their full benefits and advantages, endless rows with cities and lawmakers, and continuous reliance on the “Benjamin” to get them out of problems of their own creation is forcing the hand of many Americans, while putting money in the pockets of those who have hard-line visions about the America they want. Recently fighting the AB5 rule (and still fighting), Uber pledged $30 million to ballot initiatives against the rule. It is actions like this which make POTUS, representative, governor, and mayor aspirants, to solicit businesses for financing. Uber is unconsciously (or maybe consciously) tying its policies to the visions of election hopefuls, and in turn influencing voter choices by undermining the law and existing government. RYDZZ is learning quickly and is doing all it can to make sure its decisions are always in line with a position that is far removed from politics.


RYDZZ, is launching anytime soon and is looking to be that inclusive, all round service that can get people to where they want to be, how they choose to get there, with employees that are happy to come to work everyday. 


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