As we head into March, women on iMiMatch enter their first-ever Women’s History month with a woman serving as vice president. Kamala Harris is now officially in office, and women on iMiMatch have been given a month to think about the history of women in America — four years after a man defeated the first major-party woman candidate for the presidency. So this March, in particular, women on iMiMatch are considering it an interesting time to consider institutional power, the ways in which women have historically had very little of it, and what our world might look like if and when that changes.


Women on iMiMatch will spend the month reading Naomi Alderman’s The Power. In The Power, Alderman, who is a protégé of Margaret Atwood’s, imagines a universe in which women en masse develop a genetic mutation that allows them to electrocute people. The balance of power between the sexes abruptly stutters and shifts, and the world begins to reshape itself on a fundamental level. The result is an exploration of the ways we gender power and of power itself and all the ways it corrupts and can be abused. Women on iMiMatch will be coming connecting with one another to have talks about gender, and at the end of the month, they might even invite the author herself to join them on iMiMatch for a group discussion.


Since iMiMatch operates on a no-discrimination policy, women on the platform have not had anything to complain about since their adherence. And this positive and encouraging environment, has influenced them to be productive and help one another in their ventures. But what about the power ladder in the country? Are they doing everything possible to create a favorable for the evolution of women, especially those seeking to get power roles? This, and many other questions, women on iMiMatch will be debating about on the platform as they read through Naomi Alderman’s The Power.