Not long after their return from France, which was celebrated by some Cameroonians on IMiMatch and social media, the President of Cameroon and his First Lady got a visit from the US Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Bahlerin. The US Ambassador has been a bridge between the will of the US and Cameroon, especially very active during this crisis. Though not as visible and vocal as the ties with France, Cameroon does have very deep and long-standing relationships with the US, including a highly productive military training program. Bahlerin congratulated the President on his efforts to convene a Grand National Dialogue, acknowledging how important a step it was in the right direction, but he did not end there.

The US declared itself a neutral party to the Grand NATIONAL Dialogue which took place in the nation’s capital, presided by the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute. Aimed as an inclusive means to find a permanent solution to the ongoing sociopolitical crisis in the country, the full report on the proposals and demands made by the various parties is still to be made explicit to the population. However, big moves such as the release of opposition leaders and militants were made by the President of the Republic, who also said special status would be granted to the English-speaking Regions of the country. While some iMiMatch users are praising the initial outcomes of the Dialogue, some feel it is a tad bit too late, and need more concessions to be made.

As for the US, renewed hostilities in the affected Regions have only served to show the limits of the Dialogue, and whatever will come as final resolutions. In his visit to the Unity Palace, the US Ambassador spoke at length with the President, Paul Biya, asking for a fresh round of Dialogue, but this time with no pre-conditions, and with himself in audience. Surely, this will encourage many Cameroonians who see the attention of foreign powers as a good thing, which could potentially bring a quick end to the violence. iMiMatch users have been reacting to the Ambassador visit and recommendations, not feeling optimistic, but keeping hope all the same.


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