Being a mentor is a special calling, and yet it always feels like it is a win-lose. For mentor, years of experience, lessons learnt the hard way, tip and tricks picked up after one too many wrong turns or out of habit, are passed down to a younger one who only has to assimilate and apply. Mentoring is especially tough when the mentor is a pioneer, with no one to follow as example, you blaze a trail for others to follow (we all know how hard this is). Uber has been a ridesharing mentor to all those who are coming it and what an interesting time it has been indeed. Big success has been equally matched with one too many bad choices, and the company is boiling in the stew of legal battles with drivers, riders, and the government. RYDZZ, as an idea, has been learning from Uber and today as the idea is readied for the real and business world, RYDZZ is looking like a student ready to come into their own.


Lyft has been a good model to follow as well, and Rydzz is grateful for the presence of these two juggernauts, which have helped in the process of putting together the most altruistic, user-friendly and comprehensive app/based ridesharing service, that will hit the market in the near future. The patience Rydzz is showing as final details are being sorted out is already a sign of how much experience the young startup has gained just by observing its soon-to-be fiercest rivals.


Competition drives the business world and Rydzz is ready to rumble with the best of them. Competitors are anticipating the arrival of RYDZZ with a lot of movement, many of them including Uber, increasing and speeding up their diversification plans, to palliate the projected losses when RYDZZ begins takin over. 



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