The new kid on the ridesharing block is RYDZZ and the company is wasting no time in making a name for itself as one of the fastest to get booked, not just by clients but by prospective employees. Uber started 10 years ago, and took a little time to hit full gear but RYDZZ is on pace to have more drivers than Uber in less than 10 years, which will put them on top of the ridesharing market. Uber may have dug its own grave by treating drivers in the way they do, even refusing to give them employee status.


Over the years, in court documents and even presentations, Uber has explicitly and repeatedly referred to drivers as indie third parties, despite the contradiction by experts and lawmakers. AB5 is a new law that reclassified the workers of certain jobs as employees, and this will include drivers under contracts similar to those in ridesharing companies, but Uber and Lyft have decided to fight against the law with a $30 million pledge, when the law comes into effect in 2020. With all the heat the two heavy weights are taking, they are sticking to their guns, and not giving up.


RYDZZ is bidding its time, and holding its horses as it tries to keep everything under wraps before the launch, but the number of drivers who are already signing up to offer their services. Most of these drivers are ex-employees of big names Uber and Lyft, and are looking to prove their worth to their new employers. The launch date is inching close and the details are becoming less blurry, and the reality now seems to be that RYDZZ will break a record for the number of drivers already signed up to a ridesharing company before it hits the market. RYDZZ is taking over.


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