Are you anxious to know what people living in the United States and even all around the world are searching for the most, online, this 2019? Well then, you have to visit’s article on the Top Google Searches (as of July 2019). I know! I know! You would say “Why can’t you tell us instead of referring us to some website? What is, by the way?” Okay! Let’s not get into what is. Let’s look straight at the Top Google Searches. Unsurprisingly, the list is almost entirely dominated by branded searches. But we won’t have it all. Just the top picks.

The top keywords include Facebook, Google maps, Google translate, Amazon, Netflix, sports, ups tracking, entertainment and a host of many others. People go on Google to search for all of this information because they think they have nowhere else to look. iMiMatch is right here! Take Google translate, for example, immigrants on iMiMatch are easily speaking new languages just by asking and learning from each other instead of checking for translations on Google translate which might sometimes offer wrong pronunciations.

iMiMatch too is great to ask for directions around a place you don’t know instead of using Google maps which is often confusing or calling a UPS driver, who might not come. UPS workers recently seem very dissatisfied with their working conditions. On iMiMatch, immigrants are connecting with and helping each other find solutions to their worries. It is possible that they are even forgetting the existence of search sites.


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