A newly married woman and three of her family drowned in a reservoir after trying to take a selfie, said police in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The dead were among a group of six who held hands and stood in waist deep water near Pambar dam before one of them slipped, pulling the others. The woman’s husband was able to save his sister but the others drowned. India has the highest number of recorded selfie deaths in the world. India accounted for about half of the 259 reported fatalities between 2011 and 2017, according to a study by the US National Library of Medicine. It was followed by Russia, the UK and Pakistan.

The prevalence of high definition smartphone cameras nowadays prompts people to take selfie pictures wherever they find themselves, all in a bid to keep memory or acquire a social media fan base. Immigrants on iMiMatch are also into selfies, like everybody else but they are taking heed and being careful with how and where they take them. A place might look perfect to appear on camera, but capturing it might be dangerous. Immigrants on iMiMatch are avoiding taking such risks just for the sake of an image in a phone gallery.

It is true that immigrants on iMiMatch are mostly meeting and communicating with each other online. So, the sure thing is when they succeed to meet physically, they want to capture every moment spent together in order to keep as souvenirs. But they are being prudent, reasoning out each other and taking selfies only in safe places. They certainly prefer not to own a moment rather than wishing that moment never happened because it took a life away. The woman’s husband and his sister who survived the drowning in India must be feeling very bad thinking of their loved ones gone. Immigrants on iMiMatch do not wish to live this; reason why before standing somewhere to take a selfie, they assess the area for any dangers.


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