RYDZZ could go global in a matter of months after its launch! The projected supersonic rise of the new app-based ridesharing company is a very possible reality, judging from the massive support and applications it is getting from ridesharing drivers from not only the US but across the world. It is not a secret of any kind that Uber and Lyft have found themselves in quite a pickle with the law, riders, and drivers, in self-inflicted woes that are costing them billions of dollars in settlements, legal fees, and subscriber and driver defects.


In 2017, over 500,000 users left Uber, and then the #DeleteUber campaign brought even more defects. Even though the company remains the most popular in the app-based ridesharing market, its services have taken a backseat to the run-ins with riders over safety and drivers over benefits and wage. In big battles against US cities and lawmakers over new rules that demand the reclassification of drivers from indie third party contractors to employees, and minimum wage, Uber and Lyft have held their ground against the reforms, even pledging big bucks to ballot initiatives against the rules. Amid the strikes and legal spats, drivers have been cancelling their contracts, and making their way over to RYDZZ, in droves. The company is still to officially launch , but is already nearing capacity as drivers prefer respect and dignity over money.


As the trend continues, RYDZZ is finding ways to make sure it gets only the best crop of drivers to become more than just men behind the wheel but also brand ambassadors of the rookie upstart. Rigorous background checks, experience, commitment, and responsibility, are just a few of the things RYDZZ is looking at as it sorts through the pile of applications. It is about to be a new day in ridesharing, and RYDZZ is at the center of it all. 



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