There is a new Sherriff in the ridesharing business, and no it is not Lyft, or Taxify. RYDZZ is emerging from the pool of competitors as the strongest and most ready to take on Uber. Despite new and very interesting additions to its services like UberBoats and UberEats, the ridesharing giant is facing stiff pressure in mounting legal battles, and finding it hard to build on the promises of CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, after the ouster of Travis Kalanick. Some may argue that much of the recent woes are a carryover from Kalanick’s time at the helm, but continuing the policies that were his strengths shows that it is a way more than just that.

RYDZZ is coming in hot, with services that are tailored to different client needs, with much flexibility on how these services can be personalised to satisfy even the most demanding consumer. Another one of the strengths of RYDZZ is the focus on employees and their role in whatever success the company is going to have. Much has been about the way Uber has treated ~~employees~~ independent contractors, something which experts believes to be a classic case of shooting yourself in the foot.

Uber’s growing pains and Lyft’s failure to capitalize on that have given impetus and momentum to RYDZZ to break into the monopoly, and claim the market for itself. Other ridesharing companies have contented themselves with whatever niche they have carved up for themselves, but RYDZZ is looking further than that, and totally enjoying being the new kid on the block, as it benefits from an unusual objectivity and body of experience, from years of being observer, consumer, and data analysis. The faux pas of Uber, the flagship name of the ridesharing industry may have landed the whole sector in uncertain times, but a new Sherriff is here to restore order.


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