It will be a sad day for Uber and other ridesharing competitors very soon, when RYDZZ officially launches. With drivers already demanding the official ceremony to kick start their new job as RYDZZ drivers, the company is polishing the final details of its leading to the D-day, with safety regulations for drivers and clients, one of the main priority areas left to be addressed. Focused on maximising employee potential and providing clients with some of the most flexible services in the business yet, stopping RYDZZ will be next to impossible, even with the competition leaguing together.


Under Uber policy, drivers are indie third parties, with very little by way of liability coverage and benefits. Following a 2017 lawsuit against the company for lying bout how much drivers could earn working for the company, it was clear to drivers that Uber is not looking to recognise and reward their true value anytime soon, instead exploiting them to gain every possible dollar. RYDZZ is taking a different approach by tapping into the potential of its employees and adding motivation strategies in the mix like incentives, to help them rediscover the valorisation they had lost as part of Uber.


As potential clients and drivers continue to anticipate RYDZZ, with impatience, so too is the company eager to get the ball rolling officially. Already in the heat of service as laid off drivers, clients and friends continue to mount pressure for a launch, RYDZZ is doing all it has to behind the scenes to make sure that their opening and consequent operation, go as planned. The budding start-up is looking to reach at least Lyft-like numbers in less than 10 years, and match Uber in a similar time frame. The minds behind the buzzing company are relishing the challenge to take on such an ambitious project, knowing they have done their homework properly.



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