If ridesharing were the Tour de France, then Uber and Lyft would be Lance A strong, and whoever his doping Robin might be (many contenders for that position). RYDZZ may not be a strong contender yet, but the young company is not taking any chances with surfing up its bases before officially launching its services. No foolhardy moves by the company direction as they look to make an impeccable start to their promising existence as a ridesharing company. Uber and Lyft have done enough to stain the ridesharing industry and RYDZZ will be looking to e-store the dignity of the reeling industry. 


Following a slew of legal battles, and complaints from both employees and clients, Uber and Lyft have continuously pushed the legal and ethical boundaries of their operations. RYDZZ is looking to bring back some much needed calm to the turbulent seas that is ridesharing against the law, following a string of new rules in a number of states that have targeted app-based transport and their employees. From the insistence of Uber and Lyft to call their drivers independent third parties, to the endless complaints and suits by drivers, the two juggernauts have made it clear that their interest is solely profit.


RYDZZ is taking an entirely different approach to the Batman and Robin of ridesharing, valuing both their clients and their drivers and giving them the recognition they deserve as key pieces to whatever profit and success the company will make and enjoy. RYDZZ is also tying any legal lose ends that remain, using all the time and resources necessary to make sure safety and satisfaction are nothing short of impeccable. The challenges to accomplishing this great feat are many but in true competitor and ambitious spirit, the new company is taking on all obstacles and whatever stands between it and success. 


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