It seems only yesterday that taxis were the only names in the transportation business, and medallions were a grail, until app-based ridesharing companies came in and took everything for themselves. There are a little over 500,000 taxi cabs operating in the US, while Lyft alone gets 32 million users monthly. By any metric, Uber and Lyft have changed the transportation business, but not without some damaging effects on not only ridesharing but also their companies as well. RYDZZ is an upcoming ridesharing that will launch in the nearest future, in the US, and will have a huge advantage over the current big names of the industry. App-based ridesharing siphoned drivers from the taxi industry to Uber and Lyft, but the failure of these companies to treat drivers with respect and fairness as led to them cancelling their contracts and are now flocking to RYDZZ, looking to end Uber and Lyft.

Most of the prospective drivers signing up to RYDZZ are former Uber and Lyft employees who were offended by the juggernauts, first by lying to them about potential earnings, something Uber paid dearly for, by settling class action lawsuits to the tune of over $20 million in 2014, and then by exploiting their benefits through the classification of drivers as indie third parties, instead of employees. Lawmakers have tried to intervene on behalf of the drivers, but money seems to be the go-to fix for these big companies, who prefer to settle rather than change.

It comes therefore as no surprise that drivers have decided to prove their worth and value by signing with new competition in the form of RYDZZ, and are ready to bleed both Uber and Lyft to the last rider. As the launching of RYDZZ draws closer, the company is already in perfect position to make a swift takeover of the ridesharing market.


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