The whole world seems to be in flames at the moment, as people are rising against the powers they feel have oppressed them for far too long, and in this case, Uber and drivers would qualify as government and people respectively. Drivers have had enough of the ridesharing giant’s games and manipulations, and are taking a stand no matter what it costs. A new company is giving them hope and the drivers would like nothing but to see Uber go down, as they throw their weight behind RYDZZ. Nearing its launch date, the company is doing all the last minute preparations it needs to take on the market all guns blazing, and drivers are solidly behind them.


For RYDZZ, most of the drivers signing up are former Uber and Lyft employees (or the independent third party contractors as Uber and Lyft call them) who are frustrated and fed up with the companies and their lack of transparency, respect, and appreciation. Numerous suits have been filed against Uber and Lyft, by drivers and associations that represent them, but the difference maker has been money. These big wigs do not mind settling on paying to skirt the law, driven only by profit. As the drivers flock to RYDZZ, they bring along a much needed experience, insight, and desire for success that will be instrumental in RYDZZ’s ascension to the top of the ridesharing industry.


It is Uber and Lyft against a newbie, but strangely enough, the rookies hold many jokers it is hard to see them fail to create a real competition problem for the powerhouses. Drivers are going to play an important role in RYDZZ’s push to the top, in a mutually rewarding relationship that will be based on loyalty, respect, and trust. Far from being just another startup, RYDZZ is poised to become the drivers’ company. 



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