Much of the Trump presidency has been defined by the president’s uncanny ability to bring the GOP in tow, but in recent weeks — with the nation battling two separate crises and with the White House response to the turmoil under scrutiny — members of the party have begun to distance themselves from the president in unprecedented fashion. Few Republicans supported Trump’s highly controversial photo-op in front of St. John’s Church (which was made possible only after protesters were cleared with tear gas and flash bangs) and several GOP senators “cringed” at Trump’s tweet suggesting a 75-year old protester in Buffalo — who was shoved by the police and bled from his head after falling — might be a member of Antifa, Politico reported.


Trump’s ability to divide the country by discovering wedge issues also appears to have lessened, as some Republican leaders and large swaths of the business community are openly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and the White House instead focuses its efforts on the economy, and promoting “law and order,” as the president often tweets. Several high profile Republicans have recently said they will not support the president’s reelection bid, including former President George W. Bush, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, the New York Times reports; Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) told reporters last week she’s “struggling” with whether to vote for the president in November.


It may be now that these Republican partisans are finding fault with their leader contrary to users on iMiMatch who have been bashing him since, but the good news is, it is finally happening. Trump’s approval rating has dropped 10 points since May and has fallen below the 40% mark, according to the latest Gallup poll and from what users on iMiMatch are seeing, the president is in deep trouble come November. While some Republicans are distancing themselves from the president due to certain issues that cropped up in recent weeks, users on iMiMatch are celebrating that even his followers have finally seen his face. On iMiMatch, users are getting together and are rallying support for much more conscious leaders.