There are two sides to every coin. Yin and Yang exist in everything in this world, and the celebrated gem of multiculturalism is no exception to the rule. The United States is a melting pot of cultures, which happens to be one of its main strengths economically and entertainment-wise (not limited to these two). However, there is a dark flip side to this gift, one that has the security system almost to its knees – gang activity. While “gangsterism” is glamorized by mainstream entertainment, there is nothing dope about it as it is responsible for more than 11,000 gun deaths per year. 80% of gun homicides in the US are gang-related, and the reason why all of this will interest you is that some of the most violent, prominent, and largest gangs in the US are immigrant gangs.


Ok, you may be wondering why this important to you. If you have children, then it is. Children are in need of friends, people to identify with, especially in a new environment that is not always friendly (truth be told). In bid to belong, look cool, or protect themselves, children can easily mix up with the wrong crowd and before they know it, are way in over their head. iMiMatch is specifically built for immigrants, allowing you to find fellow compatriots or other expatriates that like you and your family, are juggling the sinusoidal life that immigrants live.

iMiMatch is not a fix-it-all solution, but it is pretty efficient, effective, and costs as little as nothing to find other families that can help you and your child(ren) integrate faster and feel part of something bigger which is very important. Gang activities are not limited to specific areas or age groups but are pervasive, present in schools, neighborhoods, and whole cities. Making sure your child (ren) is safe and out of trouble is a responsibility of every parent, and all options considered, finding a community you can belong to goes a long way in helping you achieve that, and iMiMatch is a great place to start.


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