Life in Cameroon post-Grand National Dialogue feels like the calm before a storm. People came together, grievances were laid out, proposals were made, concessions were promised, first steps were taken, and a lot of Cameroonians used the dedicated website and email to send in their thoughts, sharing them as well on iMiMatch and other platforms. However, for some reason, all does not feel right, and one of the strongholds of the separatists just gave Cameroonians a hint as to why.

Lebialem division in the Southwest Region is one of the hot zones of the conflict, where the government military forces have been met with staunch resistance. Under the command of Leke “Field Marshal” Oliver, the military has been thwarted at almost every turn in the division, and reports from newspapers read that he has been crowned chief of the county. This news will no doubt feel like a sting to those who were counting very much on the National Dialogue to be an usher into normalcy. On iMiMatch, Cameroonians in the diaspora have been reacting with mixed feeling, and reports that one of the key figures of the separatist movement is not in support of the Field Marshall’s move will only add to the confusion.

Cameroon has been in a deep socio-political crisis for just over three years now, as both of the country’s English-speaking Regions, decrying marginalization and discrimination, took to the streets and protests, which became violent and have since claimed the lives of thousands. The US has been involved in the crisis, as Congress had already deliberated on the matter a few times over the years. iMiMatch users continue to hope for a resolution and end to the fighting which has claimed the lives of brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and has left thousands more in the bushes or away from their home.


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