Business has always relied on publicity, even where there is a monopoly. Getting people the right information, the proper education about your product or services and they are motivated to consume. Today’s business world is even faster than ever, more innovative, competitive, and hinges almost exclusively on marketing. The world is already digital, and business has not been left behind; digital marketing is the new sheriff in town.

Television and radio stations make millions in advertising money, but those amounts have been cut significantly with the advent of online marketing (digital marketing). Social Media platforms, mobile applications, websites, and blogs, have become cost-effective ways for businesses large and small, to push their products to an unlimited audience. iMiMatch has a whole database of potential consumers, investors, and partners, just waiting to meet and connect with you.

A new business needs to minimize cost, find a target audience, build a network, and earn credibility. On iMiMatch, as an immigrant, you are not only getting to cut down on your cost, but you have a ready-made target audience, and network settings for you.

On iMiMatch you meet and connect with people who are from your home country, which means they might be familiar with your product and may be more inclined to buy from a compatriot. In the scenario where they are familiar with your product, you instantly get a consumer base and possible promoters without breaking the bank.


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