Frigid temperatures and widespread power outages were plaguing swaths of Texas for the third straight day Tuesday, sending numerous residents to vehicles, fireplaces and shelters in desperate search of warmth. In the town of Nevada outside Dallas, Clint Cash said he’s resorted to living in his car parked in an open area outside his home, which had largely been without power since Sunday evening when temperatures dipped into the teens. “I’m wearing several layers of clothes to keep my body warm” and using heat from his vehicle, Cash, 44, told CNN.


More than 4 million homes and businesses were without power in Texas on Tuesday afternoon as a result of freezing temperatures and a deadly winter storm that swept into the state early this week. The entire state saw temperatures below freezing during at least parts of Monday and Tuesday, and utilities have been knocked out or frozen over by the bitter cold — leaving many without primary means of heating their homes. The cold is believed to have contributed to at least three deaths in the Houston area alone, police said.


The weather is bad now, maybe even extremely bad but I am sure it won’t last till April 1st when Hemp Inc will begin building Veterans village kins communities in Arizona. The project will run till the 6th of July and is beginning with a major event called The Gathering of the Buses. Hemp Inc is partnering with Kins Community to implement this project. At the Gathering of the Buses, Hemp Inc will be allowing people to bring along their buses and park them for free. You will only have to plant a tree to pay for the free parking.