Uber is at war with the city of New York and could potentially face two of America’s most urban and large market cities, if it continues to fight California as well over AB5 which is set to go effective in 2020. This is a huge opportunity for new company, RYDZZ, to hit the monopoly under the belt as it prepares for official launch in the near future. Given that Lyft is also joining Uber in this battle of 800-pound gorillas, the stars will never be more aligned for RYDZZ and any other potential competition.


Uber and Lyft have sued the city of New York over a new rule which specifically targets app-based vehicules. Both companies deem the rule to be irrational and are doing everything within their power to make sure it dies before it claims them as victims. Unlike AB5, which Uber and Lyft are fighting with just their money, having pledged $30 million to ballot initiatives against the rule which will have certain jobs reclassify workers as employees. RYDZZ, as well as other ridesharing competitors are watching with relish and drawing up the perfect strategies to help them sidestep this impending storm and take advantage.


For rookie company RYDZZ, this is the ideal opportunity to land one below the belt to the ridesharing hegemony, and the think-tanks at the firm will no doubt have a full plate finding out how to make the most damage. Business is a predator sport and RYDZZ is learning fast that to survive you must take out the competition, not exploit your clients and employees. The new rule in New York City will most likely affect the whole ridesharing industry but at this point, Uber and Lyft have shown they have the most to lose by their hasty actions to rip the rule apart, RYDZZ bids its time patiently, waiting to strike a knock out. 



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