Yes! The caption says right. You may have just arrived in America and you feel lost, lonely, sad, trying hard to adjust to a new lifestyle, to a new land where you think you know no one and where you think no one knows you. You are wrong! You know someone and someone knows you in this heck of a country. Find yourself and find them on iMiMatch


During your first days in the States, you may encounter a lot of problems. Oops! Not problems. Challenges, I would say., a Canadian website dedicated to immigration news lists the top ten challenges faced by immigrants when they arrive in a new country. They include, in ascending order; the weather, isolation, prejudice and racism, problem with kids, cultural differences, transportation issues, access to services, housing, employment but firstly language barriers. Imagine leaving your bright, hot African sunshine only to storm into Toronto or New York City and meet with cold, teeth-gnashing snow not to talk of missing your family and friends back home. Too many issues right? Calm down! Come aboard flight iMiMatch; and don’t mind wearing your seat belt because you won’t need it. iMiMatch is turbulence free and warmth and safety assured.


So what are you waiting for? Our pilots are seated and ready. Our hostesses can’t contain the excitement of smiling to new faces. Our destination? An interesting and friendly America always waiting to hug every immigrant tight. Stop feeling lost! Remember! iMiMatch got your back.