At midday on Sunday 13 October 2019, hundreds of protesters singing, setting off red smoke and holding placard showing Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and slogans reading ‘Murderer Turkish State ‘marched their way through the centre of London towards Westminster. Niaz Maar of, 41, a driver from London, was part of the march and said the Kurdish community was opposed to the Turkish military presence in northern Syria. ‘This is a demonstration showing against Erdogan and Turkey attacking the Kurdish in Rojava after almost 10 years that we have been fighting against ISIS. ‘They liberated the area, they are running a democratic government and now Turkey, with the green light from America, is attacking the area. So, as Kurds, we are not happy about it ‘. iMiMatch is a free and open community where even in times of war any citizen from any nation can unite to go through the instability in their country together.

One of the Turkish citizens named Mr Maarof from South Kurdistan said he agreed with Boris Johnson, who this week urged President Erdogan to end the military assault but that more action was needed from the British Government. ‘The world does owe the Kurdish now for what they did in Syria. If you really mean it, the British should stop selling Turkey weapons, because last year Theresa May gave them planes and now they are using them against us’.

To the citizens the situation is like ‘The whole world is watching and no-one is saying anything. ‘We, the Kurdish, are upset, not only with Turkey but with most of the world, because we are not being helped.’ iMiMatch is this community that allows any nation like the Kurdish to share their opinions to the world about any situation happening in their Country and how their challenges can be solved.


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