Every new day is a chance to reinvent ourselves, to push limits, and write a new page in history, whether for ourselves, or the world. Athletes have been doing just that the last two months and October has not slowed them down. Eliud Kipchoge holds the Olympic Marathon record, which stood at 2 hours, a minute and 39 seconds, until 13 October 2019, when he broke that record, going under 2 hours, at age 34. iMiMatch users in the States watched deep into the night as they sensed history was about to be made.

Kipchoge, who won Olympic Gold in 2016, has been dominant in the discipline, winning gold in the last eleven years all over Europe, from London to Berlin. In his first appearance on the professional scene, Kipchoge set a course record and won gold. Since then he has gone on to set the course record twice in London and has never run a marathon beyond 2 hours and 10 minutes. On iMiMatch very few believed he could run under 2 hours, largely because of his age, and quite simply because it had never been done ever.

INEOS took on the organization of the event, which was hosted in Vienna, Austria. With 41 pacemakers and an improved Nike Vaporfly, Kipchoge just did it, running the course in 1:59:40. His run enters the Guinness Book of World Record as both the fastest time ran in a marathon, and fastest by a male athlete. For Kenyans and Africans in the US, this was a proud moment and they took to iMiMatch to share their joy at the achievement. For Eliud Kipchoge, this is just another milestone to add to his already impressive career, one that is not ending any time soon, after he announced he had no plans to retire yet.


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