The rugby world cup kicked off a few days in Japan, but that is not what is making the bid news on iMiMatch and social media, as nature decided to steal the show from the athletes. Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan last week, and the country is still trying to rescue trapped civilians as the death toll continues to rise. 50 people is the official death count, as many more remained trapped in the sludge of mud from the typhoon, while the government has announced some areas are still at risk of landslides and is expecting more damage in the coming days.

Typhoon Hagibis is the strongest to hit Japan since 1958, overturning cars and causing rains of up to 36 inches in and around the capital, Tokyo. The floods caused by the storm, in some areas, covered house up to the roofs and also made rivers to overflow, bringing with them mud. Many Japanese in the US have been getting on iMiMatch to find out the latest news regarding the storm and casualties, while others are checking up on their families. Most of the damage of the typhoon is in and around the immediate vicinity of Tokyo, with the prefecture of Nagano being hit the hardest.

As the storm moved on, and the waters receded, the government sent out the military to commence and lead rescue operations alongside the fire department and other resources. Even the rugby players took a break from the field and the ball, and helped in the rescue and clearing up of the streets, something that must have warmed the hearts on iMiMatch. Last year, the damages caused by typhoons in Asia hit a record $30 million, and Japan will definitely have some repairs to do, after all the cleaning. Most of the rugby matches were canceled, except for the game between Japan and Scotland. Much like a sign and a message to Mother Nature, Japan won the game, showing once more that it can beat the odds.


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