Iraqi President Barham Salih has condemned attacks on anti-government protesters and media after a week of demonstrations and related clashes left more than 100 people dead and 6,000 wounded. He called those committing the violence criminals and enemies, and used a televised address Monday to call for a halt to the escalation. Salih said Iraq had experienced enough destruction, bloodshed, wars and terrorism. The military admitted earlier Monday to using “excessive force” in confronting protesters in the Sadr City neighborhood of Baghdad.

This violence replicated by the military on protesters in Iraq has led to the detention and death of several Iraqi citizens. Today, with their president denouncing these acts at the United Nations General Assembly, Iraqi citizens both home and abroad, who are on iMiMatch, are jubilating. They will no longer live with the fear that their family member or friend might lose their lives during a protest in which the people are trying to channel their grievances to the government.

Also, with the president condemning these aggressive acts towards protesters, the Iraqi population on iMiMatch are celebrating that activities will resume normally back home. People will be allowed to protest peacefully and no public service, infrastructure or human and material damage will result of it. Any member of the security forces who acts wrongly will be held accountable. Iraqi citizens especially those on iMiMatch are wining and dining over their country’s respect for the principles of democracy.


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