Americans are growing more accepting of immigrants. It’s often observed that President Trump’s racism, bigotry and cruelty toward migrants are making Americans more accepting of immigration. What’s noted less often is that white Americans are also responding this way. But a new Reuters study captures this dynamic in an interesting way. And hopefully, if any Democrats are still inclined to ascribe to Trump magical political powers on this issue, they’ll rethink matters. Despite President Trump’s efforts to fight against immigration, research shows that, the higher the effort of Trump, the greater the love of immigration by Americans. Isn’t that contrasting?

While a plurality of Americans does favour increasing deportations of undocumented immigrants, 61 percent favour a path to citizenship for them. That’s not difficult to square: Large majorities want to create a legal pathway for undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States, but a plurality wants deportations if such a pathway is not put in place. Though President Trump policies has been completely fighting against immigration, immigrants on iMiMatch find themselves being loved by the Americans. The percentage is on a rise of those who are in favour of immigration in the United States. For the first time, the community of immigrants on iMiMatch feel accepted.

Acceptance leads to many positive chances on the side of the immigrants. I think it can bring out the best in them. And with the help of a growing community of immigrants on iMiMatch, life becomes better and easier to grow while holding the hands of your fellow immigrant. On this platform, it’s like meeting a new family in your host country, as they can freely express themselves with people who can understand their language and are from the same cultural background as them. Also with other immigrants around the world who can feel what they also feel. There is this thing of trusting someone who can feel the pinch in your shoe and know exactly where it hurts. iMiMatch gives immigrants that place of trust and that sweet home, far from home environment.


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