Florida leaders have been urging Trump not to deport Venezuelans fleeing their economically distressed nation to the United States, with some even assuring him the move will help him win the all-important battleground state of Florida in 2020, according to two people familiar with the discussions. This is good news to immigrants on iMiMatch as this brings them together to talk about what concerns them and look forward to see the president’s reaction.

Trump’s officials have been receptive. According to some people, including senators, congressional aides and an administrative official, there are ongoing discussions on allowing Venezuelans to live and work legally in the United States through one of two existing programs used to protect immigrants who come from nations that are devastated by war or natural disaster. Immigrants on IMiMatch feel secure coming together in times like this as a family to discuss such things that concern them and could be advantageous for their staying in the United States.

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