Some people set records by jumping the highest or running the fastest. But for Jessica Nabongo, a UN employee turned travel blogger; it’s by becoming the first black woman to visit every country on Earth. She set out to visit all 193 countries in the world in 2016, and on October 6 arrived the last on her list, Seychelles, according to a post on her Instagram page. She also clocked up a couple of what the UN calls “non-observer status” territories, taking her total to 195. “Welcome to the Seychelles!! Country 195 of 195! So much to say but for now I will just say thank you to this entire community for all of your support, this was our journey and thanks to all of you who came along for the ride!!” she wrote.

Visiting and getting to know different places apart from those we are used to can prove to be very exciting and may even stimulate feelings of youthfulness in the aging. Immigrants on iMiMatch are satisfying their adventurous spirits and are coming together to travel round the world. They are discovering each other’s home country, thereby savoring the many different cultures they are coming in contact with. They are also eating new foods and obviously, making new friends.

As immigrants are coming into contact with and getting to know each other on iMiMatch, it is possible that they may encounter certain difficulties especially communication wise. Language is a common barrier that prevents people who are from different origins to interact easily. The communication problems that immigrants are facing while interacting on iMiMatch are seeming lighter as they travel round the world because they are learning new languages. They then practise these languages while exchanging with each other on iMiMatch.


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