For more than a decade, heart disease and cancer have claimed first and second positions respectively as the leading cause of death in America. Together, these two diseases are responsible for 46 percent of deaths in the US. According to healthline, cancer alone accounts for 21.7 percent of deaths. Cancer is a disease that results when cellular changes cause the uncontrolled growth and division of cells. Some causes of this disease include but are not limited to excess body weight, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and heavy alcohol consumption.

Watching a loved one battle with cancer can be a deeply suffering experience. You find yourself and them, thrust into a new world of unfamiliar terminologies and drugs. You feel their pain, they feel your pain because of their suffering, and everyone suffers. In most cases, it is easy to lose hope because cancer has this premonition of death that hangs over it. Still, staying hopeful is the way to go. I love what Michael Douglas, a cancer survivor once said, “Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees; it brought me to my feet.”

On iMiMatch we are helping our community take preventive majors against cancer and stay healthy. As a growing community of immigrants in the US, iMiMatch has a eat healthy and exercise regularly club that encourages people to take better care of themselves while staying accountable. If you already have a cancer diagnosis, do not worry, iMiMatch will support you through the treatment process. On iMiMatch you’ll find a supportive community of people who share funny memes and jokes to keep you laughing and light-hearted; You will find a fellow national of your country to hang out and chat with; you’ll find people speaking up for a change; and you’ll find a family who stand by you through thick and thin.


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