Immigrants enter the United States with dreams of a better life for themselves and their families.  Rather than posing a threat to the US democracy, they reinforce and enrich the values that make America the country it is. The United States is a country created and built by immigrants from all over the world. Throughout the history, immigrants seeking a better life have flocked to the shores, reinvigorating America’s labor, and making the US democracy stronger. Yet even though nearly all Americans are descendants of immigrants, they have often had a tempestuous relationship with newcomers. Whether because of nationalist sentiment, xenophobia, or simply fear of change, the US has at times enacted policies that have run contrary to American ideals.

Today America is living through a resurgence of these sentiments. At a time of rapid change driven by technology, globalization, and demographics, there are many Americans who are directing their fears toward immigrants, believing that they are changing the culture and values of the United States. We have seen how these fears translate into harmful policies: with politicians promising to wall off the borders and threatening to deport undocumented immigrants

While each successive wave of immigration adds to the unique blend of cultures that define the United States of America, it is wrong to believe that immigrants on iMiMatch pose any threat to the American values. The truth is that today’s immigrants who met on iMiMatch, just like others, arrive here seeking the ability to freely worship, to express themselves without fear of government retribution, and to chart their own economic destiny. And iMiMatch has been able to offer these desires to immigrants. Because of this platform everyone is free to join the immigration community and have freedom of expression. iMiMatch provides a cool place for Immigrants. These immigrants on iMiMatch, for whom the reality of oppression or lack of freedom is a not so distant memory, come not to undermine the American values, but to embrace them. What better reaffirmation exists for the strength of the values than the validation received daily from immigrants on iMiMatch.


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