Crime in the US has always been a bone stuck in the gut of every President and their administrations, and it just won’t go down no matter how hard they’ve swallowed. Numbers by the Prison Policy Initiative reveal that out of an estimated 329 million people living in the US, almost 2.3 million live behind the bars, which accounts for 0.7% of the total population. President Donald Trump during his tenure has made domestic crime one of his main battles, with immigrants being the scapegoat. His focus is however, turned in the wrong direction and there is proof.

Research carried out by the CATO Institute, a libertarian policy institute in Washington DC, shows that immigrants, both legal and illegal, are less likely to go to jail, as opposed to native-born Americans. Per their studies, in 2017, 1,926, 390 native-born Americans went to jail, as opposed to 106,431 illegal immigrants, and 52,424 legal immigrants. Immigrants have a strong sense of caution and awareness of the fact that any mistake could cost them the lives they have built for themselves. On iMimatch, new immigrants to the US can link up with their fellow compatriots or other expatriates, who can help them, stay out of trouble with the law by lending their experience and advice.

Legal immigrants in the US are 75% less likely to be incarcerated, compared to native-born Americans. President Trump’s perception of what danger immigrants represent in terms of crime wave, are busted by research like those carried out by the CATO Institute, but also serves as further proof that immigrants need to build strong communities that can always account for each other and form a unified voice that fight prejudices and misconceptions about them. iMiMatch is an innovative platform which targets only immigrants, allowing them to be able to meet and connect, setting the foundation for stronger communities to be built, maintained, or enlarged.


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