In traditional African societies, a senior bachelor (a man who is unmarried beyond the supposed normal marriage age of 40) is regarded and treated like a lone buffalo. He is considered mysterious, suspicious and even dangerous. On the other hand, the treatment given to a woman who is still single in her late twenties is worse. The pressure mounted on her by family and friends is unbearable. Even though family members are often lovely, they can sometimes put the most pressure on us to find someone to marry and have kids with. And then we find ourselves attending every occasion where we might have the least chance to bump into a potential mate only to come home alone again right after.


Mind you ladies! It is not only in Africa that we face this situation. In an article titled “China’s ‘leftover women’ : what it’s like to be unmarried at 30”  published by the British newspaper, The Telegraph, a thirty year old Chinese woman, Yuan Ren recounts her experience. She says if you’re a Chinese woman and “you’re unmarried at 30, your life is over. Single at 27 and you’re a “leftover woman”; single at 30 – well, you’re as good as dead.” What the heck!


Now, if you are an immigrant in the United States, struggling to make a life and succeed so far away from your fatherland, but each time you call home, be you a man or a woman, you are met with questions like ‘When will you introduce someone to us? When will I wash my grandchild’s diapers? When will I share kola with my in-laws? When will I be reborn?’, then just know that, henceforth, you have found the solution to your problem. And it is right here:


Stop stressing about growing old without getting married! Stop feeling you will soon own the senior bachelor tag of the city! On you can meet that one person who will turn your life around. And I promise you, the next baby shower in town will be yours. And who will you have to thank? of course!