Lyft ride-hailing company donates $150,000 to immigration groups across US to provide legal aid to immigrants to support immigration groups across the US. The company has also partnered with Raices, a non-profit organization providing legal services to immigrants. The Lyft campaign shares the stories of drivers who work for the company and have come to the US from other countries. In addition to the $150,000 donation, Lyft riders can round up their ride payments to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to Raices, the company’s non-profit partner. A Raices spokesperson said the partnership had been “an invaluable resource” allowing them to use credits to transport immigrants and their advocates to court appearances and legal consultations.

“Raices compassionately defends and empowers immigrants and advocates for human rights, equality, respect, and the right to migrate,” the spokesperson said. “Most of the people we work with do not have access to reliable transportation.” Lyft’s push to highlight the rights of immigrants, including its own workers as Trump has ratcheted up threats against undocumented immigrants living in the United States, including Immigrants on iMiMatch. Lyft allow passengers to donate to partner organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Black Girls Code and the Human Rights Campaign. “Our drivers are the people who give rides to our brothers and sisters to show up for court appearances and legal consultations,” a spokesperson for Gig Workers Rising said. “We are proud to do that but this corporate partnership doesn’t give Lyft an easy pass.”

Just like other companies and institutions, iMiMatch also help immigrants to have a right positioning for opportunities and donations. Many Immigrants are still not aware of where they can get help. But it is very easy to locate a person in a community. On iMiMatch, Immigrants receive help inside their community. Many people are looking for immigration communities to help, and iMiMatch gives just the right positioning for immigrants to be located.


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