Following Turkey’s incursion in Syria and Kurdish militia, after the US pulled troops from the area, on Sunday last week. European leaders have condemned the move, calling Turkey to back out, but to no avail. President Tayyip Erdogan was reported saying that he will never stop the attack until the objectives are met. On iMiMatch, criticisms have been rather of US President, Donald Trump who should have known that pulling of US troops from the region could mean only one thing, after the call with the Turkish President.

Speaking to the press, Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu called the Kurds terrorists, refused mediation from the US. However, the US has responded in kind, laying sanction against Turkey on until a ceasefire is called. iMiMatch will surely welcome this bit of news, as sanctions were also the demand of many. House Republicans will in some way be relieved but still hard on the President for his initial decision. iMiMatch users also joined voices with organizations like the UN and Human Rights Watch, to further condemn Turkey after reports of civilian deaths, and military-made videos of Turkey soldiers executing Kurdish prisoners was released.

President Donald Trump now has no other option than to end the violence at the shortest notice, after it was also reported that ISIS prisoners were able to flee from prisons that were destroyed as the Turks pressed their offensive. Kurdish fighters also said the ISIS had reactivated cells in Syria, and are attacking as well. This, in the eyes of the US, would be the worst possible outcome given all the resources, and lives lost, in fighting the extremist group. iMiMatch users are content with the sanctions but are more worried about how the US will repair her relationship with the Kurds, especially if ISIS becomes a problem once again.


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