iMiMatch users would have fond memories of their first history lessons in school, which would not have been complete without the mention of Christopher Columbus. Of Italian nationality and explorer by occupation, Columbus found himself in the Americas in 1492, after setting on a voyage to find the shortest route to the Far East. According to the history books, Columbus set foot in the “New World” on the 14 October, in 1492, meeting and exchanging gifts with the Native Americans he met on land in what is now known as the Columbian Exchange.

Celebrated in the US as Columbus Day, the day actually takes on different meanings and signification across the whole of the American continent and is even celebrated in Spain as La FIesta Nacional, and in Itlay as The Giornata Nazional di Cristoforo Colombo, since 2014. Colombia was actually named after Columbus and celebrates El dia de la Raza y de la Hispanidad. However, on iMiMatch, feelings are mixed as many people chose to boycott the day, in celebration of the Native Americans instead. Some Americans argue that the day should celebrate indigenes rather than Columbus, who brought nothing but the plague of extinction to the Americas and the Natives.

Many Native American activist and nations have joined their voices in protests and marches, believing that the day should be celebrated and not cast aside. Another interesting and deep emotional take is the fact that Columbus Day also marks the day one of the biggest killings of Native Americans took place, something that has stuck with these people throughout the years. In Argentina, the day is celebrated as the day of cultural diversity. For iMiMatch, the day is remembered as a day to celebrate the joy of being who we are and all those who have contributed to America’s greatness.


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