It is not news that when people want to engage in long term commitment projects especially marriage; they prefer to do so with people of the same class, race, religion and culture as them. This procures to them a certain security and assurance as far as their partner is concerned. Penning down this article, I can’t help to remember the heeding of my grandmother and mother on what they expect of my potential future husband. And one of the expectations that they never fail to hammer on is the necessity that he be of the same culture and religion as me. If not his difference in culture and religion may push me to forget my people and the religious dogmas the church put in so much effort to pass on to me. It’s funny, I know.


In a 2016 interview with Robert A. Ferdman of The Washington Post, Michael Rosenfeld, a sociologist at Stanford University, who had been conducting a long-running study of how well online dating leads to marriage, affirms that the system has almost as much a pattern of same-race, same culture preference as offline dating. All you need to do is indicate on your profile that you prefer your potential partner to be of the same culture as you and the site will then use that algorithm to link you to who you want. That platform for you is iMiMatch


Are you an immigrant and you care what your parents would say if instead of respecting the traditional technology of marriage, you went ahead to frequent members of a different cultural sphere due to lack of connection with or to members of your own culture? puts an end to your fears. Join a community of people from your cultural orientation on and make your parents back at home proud.