Culture, in simple terms, is the way of life of a particular group of people. It is the ensemble of behaviors, morals, language, beliefs, habits, values, customs, traditions and symbols that govern a people and that are passed on by means of communication and/or imitation from one generation to the next. Like the Frenchman would say ‘La culture est tout ce qui nous reste lorsque nous avons tout perdu’ to mean that culture is all we have left when all is lost.


Recent studies have shown that globalization, which is a leading 21st century concept and which advocates for integration and interaction of the world’s cultures, governments and economies, is a growing threat to the loss of our individual and distinct cultures. In the United States which is often referred to as a melting pot because of the many different cultural groups found in the nation, the probability of losing your home culture and submitting completely to a dominant American culture is very high. iMiMatch lowers that probability for you by connecting you to members of the same cultural identity as you.


Eventually, that fear of your children never being able to speak their mother tongue or desire a hot yummy plate of their traditional dish rather than wish for pizzas all the time will fade away. iMiMatch will permit you laugh at your local jokes again, speak your native language, go to a friend’s and savour a delicious plate of ekpwang or ogbono while thanking iMiMatch for bringing you together.