In the United States of America, about 40% of the households own at the very least, one gun. Civilians own an estimated 393 million firearms, a possession protected by the second amendment of the US constitution. However, in recent times, the debate over gun ownership and control has ramped up to unprecedented heights after mass shootings by armed and rampaging civilians have left hundreds of families across the country mourning loved ones, most of whom are youths. Gun ownership advocate argue there are “good guys” with guns and are a plus to national security as well as protecting themselves, while gun control champions only have to point to the atrocities and carnage caused by trigger-happy civilians. Can there be no other way?

Security is an issue that sparks immediate concern and action in every country in the world and despite the best efforts of the Department of Justice, and Homeland Security, it is not a completely handled situation in the US. Civilians can do their bit to ensure the streets, blocks, and neighborhoods are safe, but are guns the only way? iMiMatch allows immigrants to be able to meet, connect, and form communities amongst themselves. Belonging to a community and situating yourself is essential to staying safe and accounted for.

According to Federal Law, only US citizens and permanent residents can own firearms, but then again, each State has laws on gun ownership, which vary from each other. However, there have been reports of legal resident aliens owning guns, and for some of the recent shootings, investigations declared that some of the gunmen were unfit to own firearms, but still ended up purchasing them. Immigrants can’t always count on the system because of loopholes but having a network of compatriots or other expatriates in the US you can count on, is a good way of ensuring security as well. iMiMatch lets you connect to compatriots around you and all over the US, which means you are never alone wherever you are.


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