The holiday season is a lot different this year, but it’s still a time of love, giving and gratitude. So why not start some new holiday traditions to maintain the good cheer? Gathering friends or family together to assemble a gift box for a needy recipient could be a new, meaningful holiday tradition that you could start this year. There are activities for kids and for the whole family. You choose a cause or group of people important to you, and then make a corresponding kit for them. Each kit will contain items specifically requested by people in those groups. You assemble the pieces together, write a card, then send it off.


Among the recipients you can choose from this year: first responders, healthcare professionals, the homeless, LGBTQ people, autistic youth, foster children, Meals on Wheels recipients, the elderly in care homes, and children undergoing treatment at St. Jude Hospital. If there were ever a year to “shop small,” 2020 would be it. Small businesses are suffering and any gift purchased from one spreads cheer twice: first to the seller and then to the lucky recipient. Many small stores have an online presence or happily accept orders over the phone. Curbside pick-up options are also plentiful this Covid season.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how important kindness to one another is important in helping us stay together. This Christmas season, Bruce Perlowin is reaching out to the homeless. Bruce Perlowin is giving out 1000 pair of jeans at the newly created The King of Hemp Store in Ukiah to families in need and to the homeless. This will be take place tomorrow. We are also partnering with to give out 2000 pairs of socks. Residents in Ukiah are rushing to the store right now to collect theirs.


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