Not everything in the world is about war, politics, and game theory; there is ordinary life, and the joy of being a human being in the smallest things around us. The Guinness Book of World Records immortalizes some of the most astonishing accomplishments by humans all over the world, making them the standard to beat when we need some inspiration or want to push the envelope of what we can achieve. It is in this book that the Pokini family will now live, cementing their place in future world history with an avocado grown on their farm. iMiMatch users are between wow and amazed, as the family earns the record for the heaviest avocado in the world.

Residing on the island of Maui, The Pokini’s planted their avocado tree when their son Loihi was born. Mark Pokini, the head of the family told reporters, he got the seed from his brother on Oahu Island. The tree itself, which stands at 20 feet, is 10 years old and has always produced exceptionally huge avocados. iMiMatch users are eager to know the secret behind the tree’s production and have been going through all threads and discussions to find out more.

This is not the first time the Pokini’s have gunned for a world record, this was their second attempt, after the first, which did not meet the verification process of Guinness and was therefore disqualified. Talking about the record fruit, which will definitely draw more gasps from the iMiMatch pool, Julianne Pokini said this time they just let the fruit grow naturally and had everything in place this time so as not to fail the verification. This time their fruit made it, weighing over 2.5 kilograms. The certificate for the record was delivered to the family last week, as the family celebrated in delicious style, starring a certain overweight avocado.


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