Do you know anyone who has had a heart attack? Have you had one yourself? In either case or in the third where you have only heard people talk about it, then you know that it is nothing to play with. Millions of people in the world have heart problems and more than a fair amount of people have died because of it. The heart is simply put, the life and death of humans, so keeping it healthy and properly functioning is a priority. On iMiMatch, many users discuss health every day, finding new tips ad remedies to help boost their system and quality of life. Well, there is one more to add to the list, and this is actually a delicious one.

Fish may not be the favorite of many people, but it still has its value in the eyes of foodies, chefs, children, and even adults. Now, it should have a place in yours, because according to the latest Harvard Research on heart attacks and health, fish oil reduces the risk of heart disease by 8%! The research and trials were carried out in the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, and Brigham Women’s Health Hospital in the US confirmed that fatty-rich Omega-3 fish oil found especially in tuna and salmon, are ideal for the prevention of heart attacks and coronary heart disease. This will come as great news to iMiMatch users, especially those who have a soft spot for fish.

The research, which has been published already in the Journal of the American Heart Association, also revealed that the higher the dose of omega-3 fish oil, the lower the risk becomes. As told by one of the researchers, the effects of daily fish oil consumption are significantly positive and protective and work in a dose-response manner. The research included 13 trials, with a sample size of as many as 120,000 people. Some iMiMatch users have always expressed concerns with fish, and especially the consumption of oil, which has its own risks. It is pretty safe to say now that fish is just what you need.


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