Being an immigrant more often than not casts a little bit of a negative shadow on an individual even before they can be known for who they are. The current President of the United States took the image of immigrants to a completely new level with the granite stance against immigration and the tightening of immigration reforms and laws, but one thing he did not count on was an even more adamantium resistance in the form of the law, advocates, activists, and even celebrities. The status of immigrant has never stopped people from being better than minimum wage earners and failures in the societies.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names were once immigrants (but no more, since they have naturalized), from music icon, Madonna, comedian and actor, Jim Carrey, ultimate California girl, Pamela Anderson, and even rising music star, Camila Cabello, who crossed the US-Mexico border with her mother at the age of 6. Other prominent stars such as Nicki Minaj, and Salma Hayek, have told their own immigrant stories of how they were illegal entries into the US. The President has faced staunch opposition from these celebrities, and many more, who agree with iMiMatch that immigrants have their place in the US and need to stand as one. On iMiMatch, immigrants can find, meet, and connect with each other, to create bonds and strong communities through unity.

iMiMatch specifically targets the immigrant population in the US, making it easy for new arrivals like you to find their way in the most convenient way possible, while reconnecting with old friends, getting to know new people, and even sparking up a love life.  The stories of immigrant celebrities and their fight should inspire you to reach for your dreams and not give up when faced with the rollercoaster ride that comes with being an immigrant in the US.


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