Being able to communicate requires language, and meeting new people involves some form of learning, always. A few years ago, pocket dictionaries and phrasebooks were your best bet at learning a new language or even trying to communicate in one, but today, the internet and technology have made it as easy as typing up a sentence, to get its translation. Google translate, Hi translate, Microsoft and many others have changed the way we learn and communicate in other languages, and are bringing people from all corners of the world, closer to each other.


One constant drawback with using online translators, however, is that they do not understand context. Idiomatic expressions and certain lines like exclamations are not understood by the AI and algorithms that do the translations, making it hard to sometimes getting a particular meaning across. This makes communication a tad bit complicated, especially if you trying to make a joke or drive a point home. Online platforms, like iMiMatch are changing that drastically and putting the existence of translators at risk. On iMimatch meeting with new people allows you to pick up new words for your vocabulary, or learn new languages, which improve your interactions with new people.


Apart from context, most translators do a lot of verbatim translation and make it hard to infer meaning from them. Verbs and tenses are sometimes out of context and change the whole meaning of what you intend to communicate. Learning new languages in this way is tedious and not the best way due to the confusion. However, interacting with people every day, makes it easier to grasp a new language and faster to learn. Constant communication allows for easier comprehension, and platforms like iMimatch give you opportunities to meet new people from all over the US are a boon. Another joy of iMiMatch is the possibility of meeting with people from around you, which makes keeping up of communication much simpler.