President Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House is one that has been non-stop ruthless and unsolvable scrum with the media. Beginning during his campaign run, and well into his mandate as POTUS, Trump’s wrangle with media giants such as CNN, the Washington Post, NBC, ABC, the New York Times, and CBS, are well documented, and even led to the pulling of CNN’s Jim Acosta’s White House pass on November 7, 2018. President Trump’s biggest rival throughout his time in the White House and possible re-election has emerged to be the media, rather than any political opposition. Brandishing the words “fake news” for the first time on December 10, 2016, Trump has since gone on to use it as a blanket term for all news and media outlets he considers to be against him.

One of the main issues that have been a bone of contention between Trump’s government and the “fake news” media, has been his uncompromising stance and approach to immigration. The radical actions and procedures at the US-Mexican border have prompted some of the most scathing reposts by the media in a bid to reason Trump, a subject which was at the heart of CNN senior correspondent, Jim Acosta’s spat with the President during a conference, and saw his White House Pass revoked. Via iMiMatch, immigrants are connecting, building stronger collectives, and lending their voice to the issues that concern them, with the media as an ally.

Mainstream media is proving a formidable force against Donald Trump, one that could very well hurt his chances at a second term in office, with the narratives they choose to pursue about his current tenure, or agenda for a rerun. The fight, however, is not one for the media alone but one that needs a synergy effort and platforms like iMiMatch, which is an innovative one-stop pool for immigrants to meet, link up and become one voice, make this possible.


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