Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who killed her unarmed black neighbor in his apartment was found guilty of murder Tuesday — a rare conviction in a high-profile police shooting and a verdict that civil rights activists heralded as a victory for police accountability. Amber Guyger said she thought she was entering her own unit, one floor below, when she encountered 26-year-old Botham Jean last year and mistook him for a burglar. Guyger, an off-duty officer who had just finished a long shift, fired two shots at Jean, who had been watching TV and eating ice cream. After a dramatic seven-day trial, the jury rejected Guyger’s self-defense claim and delivered what Jean family attorneys called a historic decision.

Immigrants on iMiMatch are celebrating this huge victory which is not only for the family of Botham Jean but also for black people in America. They consider this as a signal that the tide is going to change in the United States. Police officers are going to be held accountable for their actions and that will surely change policing culture all over the world. Immigrants on iMiMatch are hoping that the trend set on Guyger’s case should continue to spur similar reactions.

Many saw Botham’s murder as part of a pattern of police wielding deadly force disproportionately against people of color. This can even be classified as a racist act. Through the exchanges immigrants are having with each other on iMiMatch, they are unfailingly expressing their satisfaction as concerns the prevalence of justice in this case. They are supporting and encouraging each other to report any aggressive behaviour on them by the police.


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