Even though the rates have been dropping in the US, at least 40,000 women are going to die due to breast cancer and it is still the highest killer cancer in women. iMiMatch users joined the rest of social media and the world to trend and promote the #NoBraDay movement. Not only in the US, but the whole world is also waking up to breast cancer, and even men are getting involved because contrary to popular belief, it is not just for women, as every 1 man in 883 is very likely to have breast cancer.

The statistics read that at least one woman in eight will get invasive breast cancer in the course of their lifetime. That is in the US, and iMiMatch users, especially those from Africa are complaining about the numbers, wanting more for Africa and other continents. In places like Africa, a good number of women die without knowing exactly what caused their deaths and for the few men who will get breast cancer, it is never even in their thoughts, so they run every other test apart from cancer.

Any news about breakthroughs in the field will be welcomed on iMiMatch and to all those who have lost loved ones to breast cancer and cancer in general. According to breastcancer.org, the numbers show clearly that as awareness has grown, so too has the prevalence of breast cancer taken a hit. More women are becoming more proactive in diagnosing the problem and dealing with cancer early has always been of big help in beating it. Breast cancer awareness still has a long way to go in less developed countries but what is certain is that it is not getting its way with people anymore. Social media platforms such as iMiMatch have made it easier to spread the word and call attention to the subject.


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