The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cancun where Ted Cruz and his family jetted off to, before he scurried back amid widespread criticism of abandoning Texans facing an unprecedented winter storm, boasts five stars and a hefty price tag. The luxe resort, where rooms cost a minimum of $380 per night, offers 1,200 feet of white-sand beachfront with two swimming pools and an oceanfront whirlpool, as well as private beach cabanas and lounges.


It has received numerous awards and accolades and has been listed among the best hotels in Mexico by outlets including Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, and Forbes Travel Magazine. Cruz, facing criticism, arrived at the Cancun airport ferried by a man wearing a polo shirt emblazoned with the hotel’s logo, CNBC reported. A chastened Ted Cruz landed back in Houston and said he ‘regrets’ flying to Cancun in the middle of the state’s energy crisis for a vacation while at least 24 people are known to have died in Texas.


If you are in Texas and you are dying to visit the resort Cruz and his family escaped to, well then, go ahead. But I suggest you attend Hemp Inc’s The Gathering of the Buses before going to enjoy some time off in Cancun. Hemp Inc sympathizes with everyone going through a hard time in Texas now. And they promise you that immediately all this is over, Hemp Inc in partnership with Kins Community will organize one of the best events for you to attend. From April 1st to July 6th 2021, Hemp Inc will be building Veterans village kins communities in Arizona. Anyone is free to come and to cut climate change and prevent situations like the one in Texas now, each person would have to plant a tree. In this way, Hemp Inc will be contributing to a green world.